Particularly useful where access may be tight, these remote control machines excel when they are needed to ensure full safety of the operator is required. Removing the operator from the machine allows the robotic mowers to cut up to 55 degrees without problem depending on ground conditions.

As versatile as the Metrac, these remote control mowers can be fitted with Mulching heads for clearance works, auger/drill for fencing and planting, grass collector boxes and ground rotovation heads as well as standard grass cutting flail heads including 1.6m on the RC56 and 2m on the LV600. Seeding equipment, stone burier, seeder rollers, power harrow, grass drill and stump grinding.

Make : McConnell, Energreen, Greenclimber
Model : Robo40, RC56, Energreen EVO, Greenclimber LV600
Working Angle : Up to 55 degrees/150m
Engine : 3 Cylinder Diesel 40hp-65hp
Traction Method : Rubber Caterpillar Tracks with optional Metal Spikes for additional grip
Drive : Auto Handbreak
Weight : 1300kg
Length : 2670mm
Width : 1420mm
Height : 1150mm
Speed : 7 km/h

Sports Pitch Aeration. Local Council works using one of the Metracs fitted with our Twose Turf Conditioner. Inline with our wonderful Summer, excessive Heat followed by excessive Downpours has resulted in hard Ground which hasn't allowed the surface water go anywhere, creating minute channels in the Ground allows water to drain away and penetrate beneath the baked top inches alleviating flooding and allowing nutrients back into the soils. #reform #reformmetrac #bankingtractor #groundsmaintenance #groundprep #localworks #localcouncil #sportspitch #groundworks #vegetationmanagement #allworksundertaken #therighttoolforthejob #hireavailable #pleasecallforaqoute ... See MoreSee Less
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Reform Metrac Appreciation Post! Just afew pictures of some of the Reform Metracs that we use within the Fleet, Absolutely brilliant Machines, versatile, powerful and outstanding bits of kit. Used from Airports to Riverbanks, Quarrys to Forestry and everything In between. The new models come with more and more thought for both Driver and Environment, cleaner emission engines, quieter and more ergonomic cabs make the Metrac perfect for Environmental Works, Riverbank and Forestry etc.H7RXs, H70s, H75s and H9Xs fitted with all manor of implements, rotary decks, side arms, Grass Collectors, rear mowers and even seeding and spraying equipment it's an easy choice to use these machines. RBC are proud to be the Largest Independent Owner of the Metrac and will continue to use these for many years to come. #reform #reformmetrac #groundsmaintenance #groundworks #vegetationmanagement #vegetationclearance #therighttoolforthejob #hirefleet #hireavailable #grasscutting #flailmower #sidearm #kuhn #mulching #Mcconnell #bankingtractor #seeder #grasscutter ##vergemowing @stuarttaylorsint @reform.official ... See MoreSee Less
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