Ray Britland Contractors was first established in 2008, coming off the back of G & P Britland. In 1983 Ray started his contracting business at the very young age of 16 after the sudden death of his father. Growing up working on the family dairy farm Ray had to find new ways to diversify the business as the dairy farm wasn’t big enough to provide an income.

The contracting side of G & P Britland steadily increased over the years and even managed to employ 2 full time workers. After a serious accident in 2001, Ray decided to give up the family dairy farm and concentrate on the contracting side of the business. Work back then included new road projects and mitigation works on Manchester Airport runway 2.

Moving forward to 2008 due to the growth of the business and wanting to split the contracting business away from the farming side Ray decided to create Ray Britland Contracting Limited. Ever since then the business has gone from strength to strength. Ray’s wife Kathryn joined the business in 2012 to help with the clerical side on the business. We now employ 40 full time members of staff and continue to welcome more contracts on a daily basis.

Sports Pitch Aeration. Local Council works using one of the Metracs fitted with our Twose Turf Conditioner. Inline with our wonderful Summer, excessive Heat followed by excessive Downpours has resulted in hard Ground which hasn't allowed the surface water go anywhere, creating minute channels in the Ground allows water to drain away and penetrate beneath the baked top inches alleviating flooding and allowing nutrients back into the soils. #reform #reformmetrac #bankingtractor #groundsmaintenance #groundprep #localworks #localcouncil #sportspitch #groundworks #vegetationmanagement #allworksundertaken #therighttoolforthejob #hireavailable #pleasecallforaqoute ... See MoreSee Less
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Reform Metrac Appreciation Post! Just afew pictures of some of the Reform Metracs that we use within the Fleet, Absolutely brilliant Machines, versatile, powerful and outstanding bits of kit. Used from Airports to Riverbanks, Quarrys to Forestry and everything In between. The new models come with more and more thought for both Driver and Environment, cleaner emission engines, quieter and more ergonomic cabs make the Metrac perfect for Environmental Works, Riverbank and Forestry etc.H7RXs, H70s, H75s and H9Xs fitted with all manor of implements, rotary decks, side arms, Grass Collectors, rear mowers and even seeding and spraying equipment it's an easy choice to use these machines. RBC are proud to be the Largest Independent Owner of the Metrac and will continue to use these for many years to come. #reform #reformmetrac #groundsmaintenance #groundworks #vegetationmanagement #vegetationclearance #therighttoolforthejob #hirefleet #hireavailable #grasscutting #flailmower #sidearm #kuhn #mulching #Mcconnell #bankingtractor #seeder #grasscutter ##vergemowing @stuarttaylorsint @reform.official ... See MoreSee Less
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